What are some of the advantages of stucco?

stucco chula vista restucco home | San Diego Stucco Contractor Nurse StuccoReasonably priced, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing, stucco has been a popular siding choice for hundreds of years. With a variety of colors and textures to choose from, stucco works well with any home’s exterior. Stucco is a more durable finish and it is also more fire resistant than other types of finishes. Stucco requires less maintenance than other exterior finishes.

You can expect a quieter home with a stucco exterior and a higher degree of energy efficiency due to its superior insulating qualities. Stucco provides moisture protection while also allowing your home to breathe. Finally, in long-term cost analysis, a stucco home provides the highest return on investment for the owner.

Stucco siding has been used for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans painted wall frescoes onto fine-grained hard plaster surfaces made of gypsum, marble dust and glue. During the Renaissance, the Italians elaborated stucco techniques, which, in turn, spread throughout Europe.

While stucco is not a new building material, the changes made to finishes can make it seem like something a homeowner has never seen before. A wide array of styles and colors to choose from as well as different application techniques make stucco modern, yet timeless.

Maintain Your Stucco

Stucco is a durable material that can last for centuries, but it does require some maintenance. Over time, the color can fade and the stucco can crack. That’s where Nurse Stucco comes in. We’re experts in stucco repair and complete restucco, and we can match the color and texture of your existing stucco or completely change to new colors and textures.

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